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Injuries and Athletic Trainers Information



Information on Doctor's Visits


Part of our goal to provide the best health care possible to all student-athletes includes having a relationship with several well-qualified and experienced doctors in the area. We have established a network of doctors that are able to assist the students of Georgetown High School, Benold Middle School, and Forbes Middle School. If we feel that an injury needs to be examined by a doctor we will gladly assist you in setting an appointment to see one of our team doctors in a timely manner.

Middle school athletes need to see trainers for recent injuries at 7AM at the GHS training room in the field house behind GHS.

If it is chronic issue, a trainer is on site at Forbes once a week in the morning during football season and every other week the rest of the year. Check with Coach Gammage about days and times. 

If you feel that your child needs to see a doctor (including emergency room visits) all we ask is that you communicate that with us. We are more than happy to seek opinions of any doctor you feel comfortable with.

It is required of all student-athletes that see a doctor for any injury or illness that they provide a note from the doctor upon returning to school. The note will be kept in their personal medical file in the athletic training room. Please visit our medical forms page to download the appropriate note to give to the doctor.The note should state the following:

*Any and all restrictions placed on the student-athlete for practice and/or competition.

*A time frame for how long the doctor wants the restrictions placed on the student-athlete.

*Any treatment that the doctor feels will benefit the student-athlete.

*Any alternative forms of conditioning that may be acceptable during practice (i.e. riding bike instead of running.)

Any student-athlete that is seen by a doctor and does not provide a doctors note will be required to sit out of all activity, including practices and games, until a note is provided to one of the Staff Athletic Trainers. If you feel your child needs to be held out of practice and you do not see a doctor, that needs to be communicated with the Athletic Trainer and the Head Coach of their sport. The communication must be via phone call. We do not accept parent notes brought by the student-athlete.

Any student-athletes that have restrictions placed on them for school sports must adhere to those same restrictions for any club sport they may be involved in. If they violate this rule they could face suspension from their school sports for a time to be determined by the coach of that sport.

Football Student-Athletes: If you are sick and show up to the athletic period, you will be required to workout at the di
scretion of the Head Football Coach and the Athletic Trainer

Insurance Information


Catastrophic Insurance Information: All students participating in athletics (including try-outs) in the Georgetown ISD must purchase a catastrophic insurance policy arranged by the school district.Generally, this blanket policy pays for medical expenses which exceed $25,000 per occurrence. The cost for this insurance is $10.00 for a student who participates in football and $5.00 for a student who participates in a sport other than football. Payment is due at the time that the physical packet is submitted.
Primary Health Insurance Information: It is highly recommended that all students participating in athletics have personal health insurance. IF A STUDENT DOES NOT HAVE VALID PERSONAL INSURANCE COVERAGE, A VOLUNTARY POLICY IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. The catastrophic insurance policy is different from the voluntary policy.
There are many voluntary insurance plans that individuals may sign up for with various companies. The following information is for one of the insurance companies that has reached out to us to offer supplemental insurance or primary insurance information for those children who may not have it. Because GISD is not directly affiliated with any insurance companies, please direct any questions to the Health Special Risk Texas office whose information may be found under "Contact Us" on the website. 

Athletic Trainer vs Personal Trainer


Although the roles of athletic trainer and personal trainers intersect at times, they are two very different professions, which serve very different roles within their respective professions. In most states, Certified Athletic Trainers must obtain a license to practice and the nationally recognized ATC (Certified Athletic Trainer) credential requires at least a bachelors degree from an accredited program, go through extensive clinical experience under the supervision of a credentialed professional, and pass a very rigorous national Board of Certification (BOC) examination. They are also recognized by the American Medical Association as healthcare providers who collaborate with physicians, other members of the medical community, parents, and other educational staff members to provide the best quality of care for their patients. Athletic trainers provide a variety of services including injury assessment, recognition, prevention, immediate care, and rehabilitation of injuries. 

Personal trainers, on the other hand, are fitness professionals and NOT healthcare professionals. There is little or no regulation of their professional practice and there are very few requirements to obtain a personal training credential (some of which can be obtained with as little as a weekend course). The only similarity between athletic trainers and personal trainers is that both work with athletes, but they do very different jobs. If you are interested in becoming a personal trainer, you should consider majoring in one of the exercise sciences.


    In order to help provide the best care possible to all of our student-athletes, we have several doctor in the area that volunteer their time to assist our student-athletes with their various injuries.  You may choose to see one of our team doctors, or any doctor that you are comfortable with.  When the student-athlete sees the doctor for any injury/illness we ask that you please have the doctor complete the doctor referral form.  If you have any questions or need any assistance, please let one of the staff athletic trainers know and we would be happy to help.

    GHS Doctor Referral Form

    GHS Doctor Referral Form