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Finding An Instrument



1. I always recommend renting an instrument rather than purchasing one, especially for beginner orchestra students.  A limited number of instruments are available to rent through Forbes Middle School Orchestra for $100.00 per school year.  Instruments rented through the school are subject to additional maintenance charges if instruments are damaged due to negligence.  Instruments may also be rented through a vendor such as Blackery Violin Shop, Katy Violin Shop, or Strait Music Company.  These vendors provide rent-to-own programs, size up trade-ins, and maintenance and insurance if instruments are damaged, as part of the rental fee.  Rental fees vary per instrument and vendor.

2. String instruments come in multiple sizes, so the instrument that a student will play as a beginner WILL NOT likely be the same one they will play as they get older and more advanced.  Students should be measured for their correct instrument size before renting or purchasing an instrument. 

3. Instrument quality is very important to student success.  An instrument purchased online may be inexpensive but may be very difficult to play or even tune.

4. Students will need an instrument, bow, case, shoulder rest (violin/viola), rock stop (cello/bass), rosin, cleaning cloth and an extra set of strings and finger nail clippers.

5. Please contact me with any questions about instruments.  Rental agreements will go out on the first day of school, along with other information for the school year.