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Kodi Keese - ELAR

Hi, I'm Kodi Keese.

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I teach sixth grade ELAR (English Language Arts & Reading) and sixth grade Advanced ELAR. I'm excited about this upcoming school year and look forward to learning and growing with my students!

Below you will find my schedule as well as our year at a glance.



Planning Period: 8:45-9:35

2nd Period/SOAR: 9:38-10:09

3rd Period: 10:12-11:02

Lunch: 11:05-11:35

Conference Period: 11:38- 12:28

5th Period: 12:31-1:21

6th Period: 1:24-2:14

7th Period: 2:17-3:07

8th Period: 3:10-4:00


Year at a Glance:

  • Unit 1: Genre Study
  • Unit 2: Fiction
  • Unit 3: Poetry
  • Unit 4: Informational 
  • Unit 5: Argument
  • Unit 6: Drama
  • Unit 7: Summation


Contact Information:

(512) 943-5150 x7730

Please note, email is the very best way to contact me.

My classroom phone is not monitored as closely as my email.


Let me know if you have any questions!